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Fun to use

And practical. If you film alot you wont be dissapointed

Best photo app

Ive been looking for something like this ever since I got my iPhone!! I just found out about Taplet and absolutely love it!!!!

Taplet is the answer

Finally! This app is the answer to the age old issue of getting the perfect picture. The quality is phenomenal and the ability to upload directly to a social media platform is very accommodating. Extremely easy to use an self explanatory. Anyone can now get the million dollar photo just by tapping on the screen. So excited to use this app in the future!


Been taking the coolest photos and uploading to my Instagram. Recording videos first and then getting sweet shots after is genius.

Really useful, fun, great design

Taplet is awesome, actually a really useful tool and great interface

Best app download 2015

You need this app! High quality and very easy to use. Best app you will download in 2015.

Love it

This is a great app if you want to turn your video moments into priceless pictures!

Taplet is amazing!

Taplet is the coolest app around! Super user-friendly & great quality!

Great App

TAPLET is a game changer, I can now get quality photos from my videos!

Great app, revolutionary


Great app

Great app and very useful. I go snowboarding all the time and now I can capture the best photos from my videos.

Oliver Pourbs

Could not stop using this app! Finally someone put something like this on the market. Good work


I am so excited that someone finally created this. Not only is it SUPER easy to use, but I have also never seen such high res pictures come from videos. Bye bye screenshots... Taplet is taking over

So Great

This app is incredible useful. I take videos at concerts all the time and this makes it extremely useful to convert some of the great shots into pictures.

FINALLY someone came up with this app!

I have been wishing for an app like this for so long! Beautifully designed, easy to use and does exactly what it says it will – perfect! Thank you!

So useful! I love this app already

Cant imagine life without this app. So many good photos are lost to blurry or bad pictures but this app saves the day!


Amazing app that everyone must download! So so cool!


Been looking for an app with this functionality for awhile. Really clean layout and easy to use. Great app.


I love this app! Pick the perfect photo every time. Just take a video and tap to get the pictures you like!


Finally a good app for taking screenshots of videos!

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